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Sheila Summers


Before anything I regard myself as a 'daughter of the King'. I am also a mother of three beautiful children and grandmother of two with another on the way. Last, but by no means least, I am married to an incredible man of God. I live in Virginia Beach, Va. with my husband and youngest daughter and continue to work with a Christian Television Ministry.

My life has been a mixed bag, like most of us I guess. I had an often happy but sometimes confused childhood where I dreamed of a greater truth I was yet to discover. My spirit was crushed as a child by negative name calling, but yet I strived to be the best Sheila I could be. My teenage years included many years of training as a ballet dancer with small parts in two movies and the eventual winning of the Miss Edinburgh title. Eventually I married and was blessed with two wonderful children. That marriage ended in divorce after 15 years.

During the process of that painful divorce my mother died. I was devastated and had little strength to go on but one morning, when I was at my weakest, I saw an American Christian show I'd never seen before. Even though I was unsure of what I was doing, that morning I gave my life to Christ.

 A second marriage was to bring my first born daughter and I to America where we spent the first six years in this country fighting for our lives. Without realizing I had married a man with terrible rage issues and it would take me six years to eventually break free from the nightmare of domestic abuse.

Now, with another daughter and after a fourth trip to a battered women's shelter my girls and I were free at last. At times I worked three jobs to provide, always falling between the cracks of receiving help from the government, but my God gave me the strength to forge on. I never doubted we would make it, no matter how hard life felt at times.

I worked a gruelling schedule at that time; going from an overnight job at the airport, then home to get the girls ready for their day, then onto an early morning day job. After dropping my youngest off at a church daycare I'd run home to try and catch a couple of hours sleep, which was impossible in an apartment complex. After picking my girls up from school and daycare I'd go back to my day job as nanny and housekeeper, By six o'clock my work day was only just beginning. Home to fix dinner then after making sure the girls were safely in bed I would leave for work at 10 p.m. and it would start all over again. For a year I felt like a hamster on a wheel until one morning I fell asleep at the wheel of my car as I drove my girls to school. That night I handed in my notice at the airport. I was nervous, not knowing how I was going to manage yet my Papa had a plan.

I found a job in a well known department store and received enough training that after four years of working two and three jobs I landed a position as makeup artist with the very ministry I'd said the sinners prayer with all those years prior in the wee town of Brechin, Scotland.

Within the next two years I met the wonderful man of God I am now happily married to and began to write Broken to Beautiful.

 I love to write and have been amazed at this incredible journey, especially since I couldn't type with more than one finger when I first started. I had a dreaded fear of computers but now, after appreciating what a blessing my little nine inch laptop has been, I wouldn't part with it for the world. God Bless technology! And for anyone that knows me personally that is a statement they'd never thought they'd hear coming from my lips.

To My Papa the Glory!



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