Broken to Beautiful

Is this your first book?


 What led you to write the book?

 After surviving six years of abuse from a second marriage I called out to God to show me the answers  to the why's of the tragic sequence of events that had run rampant throughout my life. In His faithfulness he took me on a journey of discovery and I felt that His instruction to me was; to write it all down. I had, not only never written before, but also had no knowledge of computers and struggled daily with the daunting task of checking my email messages. As God would have it; I sat down at my ancient computer one day and stared in complete disbelief as I watched my fingers fly over the keyboard. A couple of hours later I had written the first two chapters of a wee Scottish girls life and the rest is there to be discovered in my book 'Broken to Beautiful'.

How long did it take you to write the book?

It took me three and a half years. I was a single mum, working a full time job and some freelance work and so could only write when I had little moments of down time during work and being a mum.

What are your goals in the future for the book?

To reach out to those still trapped in the terrible cycle of abuse. To use the written word to share with men and women alike how important our children are. How words of encouragement and love can help that child grow into a person of character, understanding who they are as a son/ daughter of the King. To bring to light the evidence of how negative words spoken into that child can set him/her up for a lifetime of self doubt and low self esteem that can ultimately end up in one wrong life choice after another.

What are your personal goals?

To do Gods will for my life without question. To show Gods love at all times and to speak the simple truth to anyone willing to listen, when and where my Heavenly Father would have me do so, whether that be with one person at a time or with many.

How did your children feel about you writing about their lives?

They have always been an incredible source of encouragement and support. I have been careful to put their welfare first. never wishing to be the source of any more suffering in their lives. But my girls are strong and just as convicted as I am to share the truth of Gods unending love for His children.

Is this the first book of many to come?

I guess it is! I didn't realize that as I was writing the first but once again, as God would have it, I fell in love with writing and as Broken to Beautiful ended at a certain point in my life I feel the need to share the continuing journey. And hopefully the readers will have enjoyed the characters within the story and will be eager to find out what happens next in all of their lives.

What audience  will be impacted the most by your story?

Anyone willing enough to take a long hard look at their own pain and be courageous enough to discover the root of where it all began. Anyone willing to ask God to convict them of where they went wrong in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. The broken souls out there who have been searching for love in all the wrong places. And the broken hearted who have been victimized and are searching for the unconditional love of a father.

Will there be an audio version of Broken to Beautiful?

I'm sure at some point there will be. I've been told that since I still have an authentic Scottish accent, to hear the story straight from the horses mouth so to speak would add even more flavor.

Will there be public speaking events in the future

Only if the Lord wills. I actually have a writers club speaking engagement at a local Va. Beach church in February so perhaps this will be a pre-emptive to what He has in store.

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